3 – Transition to Adulthood – Assess Needs and Track Goals

Assess and Track

CASAs need a way to assess and track the specific need of their CASA youth and the goals for each life skill. The Foster Club Transition Kit outlines routes for each category filled with checkpoints of important factors that contribute to a successful road to adulthood.

Each route has 1 page of information about the category’s skills or actions important on that route.

In addition, each category has a 1 page template to track progress and set goals.

Foster Club Transition Kit

We recommend you review the entire kit (LINK BELOW) and based upon the age and situation of your youth, begin moving through the various routes. CASAs may choose to begin one that most interests their youth to establish a connection or – based upon age and situation – the areas most critical.

VIew, Download and Print – 44 Page PDF Document

View the document and download it before you print. If you do not have a printer, you can request a copy be mailed to you.

The Categories

If you wish to print a specific category only, the list below provides the route checklist and tracking template for each category. The Roadmap’s education classes and resource referral will be organized by these 10 categories.

Finance & Money Management


Job & Career




Self Care & Health

Community, Culture & Social Life


Specialty Areas such as: Pregnancy and Parenting (coming soon)

Using the Kit

The kit is an example. CASAs may use any goal setting method that works for you. Documentation helps focus the CASA and teen work together on specific actions and view progress in achieving those goals.