A CASA Teen Roadmap – Transportation


Help your CASA youth think tangibly about “getting there” – transportation. How will your CASA youth get around to accomplish all they have planned?

This section asks the youth to look at future needs for job and medical appointments to staying connected with family or friends. It may be understanding bus routes, a good working bicycle or thinking through the challenges of driving, insurance and a driver’s license.

The Foster Club Transition Kit includes a section on Transportation to track what is needed . Use the “route” page (picture below) to discuss with your Youth the types of actions involved. Click on the picture to view and print this page.

Now track the answers and plan the next steps using the Tracking Template for transportation (pictured below.) Click on the picture to view and print this page.

When ready, we offer two ways to grow and apply life skills through:

Practical ideas for CASAs to grow life skills

Practical Exercises for the Youth – Transportation