1 – Overview

CASA Roadmap Overview

The ride to adulthood is better shared with a CASA Volunteer. CASAs can help their CASA teen take control of their journey to adulthood beginning at 13 while the search for permanency continues.

Foster teens often learn to “go with the flow” as others dictate their schedule, their court visits and appointments. While they may look ahead to “freedom,” they benefit from understanding and practicing what will be needed on the road to adulthood.

Foster Club created a Foster Youth Transition Tool Kit to help youth prepare to age out. This tool kit is helpful for CASA and youth to identify the skills needed and find the available resources even if they don’t age out.

This tool kit organizes this work into 10 Life Skill categories: Finance & Money Management, Job & Career, Life Skills, Identity, Education, Self Care & Health, Housing, Transportation, Community, Culture & Social Life and Permanence.

Roadmap of Life Skills Categories

This “subway” map illustrates the types of stops needed in each of the categories. (Click on the picture above to see full size or to print.)

Want to know more?

This recorded video by CASAs Roger Lurie and John Keane briefly illustrate the steps in how to use this resource guide and roadmap.


CASAs can be a bridge, an advocate and a resource for teens and placement in improving necessary life skills. The roadmap offers tools including questions to ask and helpful tools to track. It offers practical ideas about how to practice these skills.  Agencies and programs are ready to help IF the CASA and teen know about them. This roadmap links resources and agencies to the relevant life skill.

Click below to go directly to the specific Roadmap Life Skill Category.

Finance &
Money Management
Job & Career Life Skills
IdentityEducationSelf Care & Health
HousingTransportationCommunity, Culture
& Social Life