Short Tools for Positive Interactions With Youth in Foster Care

Tools for Positive Interactions

These “brain frames” printable handouts are the results of Casey Foundation studies around the adolescent brain and were created to promote healthy outlooks and behaviors through their interactions with young people.

The “Brain Frames” consist of five printable handouts that take a deeper look at the recommendations from the report, with quick bullet points, fact boxes and sample conversations that are easy to use.

Five Brain Frames are available:

Cultivate permanent families for young people. (Brain Frame: Keeping the Family Conversation Alive)

Help young people understand their experiences, especially through the lenses of racism and trauma, and develop effective strategies for healing and growth. (Brain Frame: Healing Comes First)

Promote college and career pathways. (Brain Frame: Successful Connections to School and Work)

Ensure adequate and safe housing for youth while also encouraging their personal choices. (Brain Frame: Promoting Safe and Stable Housing for Young People)

Support young parents’ progress toward self-sufficiency and healthy lifestyles and relationships. (Brain Frame: Supporting Young Parents)