Practical Activities to Grow Life Skills – Housing

This guide from Casey Life Skills offers practical ideas for CASAs and other supportive adults to help CASA youth practice and grow their knowledge in this life skill. “Teachable Moments” are included.

These activities cover topics such as the costs of housing, being a roommate, taking care of an apartment and lease rental information.

This guide notes the appropriate age for the activity to guide CASAs with teens of all ages.

Level 1 is for youth ages 8-10 years
Level 2 is for youth ages 11-14 years
Level 3 is for youth ages 15-18 years
Level 4 is for youth ages 19 and older

You can print or view the list of activities by selecting the link here.

Practical Exercises for Youth about Housing

Theses guides offers practical worksheets and exercises for life skills of housing for youth. It is part of the curriculum in some Independent Living programs – Preparing Adolescents for Young Adulthood (PAYA) guides.

CASAs may find portions of this useful for discussions with younger teens but most appropriate for those older teens preparing to exit foster care. Some of the information is outdated as to costs and products but provide the discussion points for CASAs.

The first part of this document provides a listing of assessment questions that will help focus on the priority needs.

Housing Exercises