On Demand Classes related to Technology & Internet Use

On Demand Classes

The following classes are now available for viewing at your convenience via your Zoom account. These classes were previously offered on VOICES Training calendar and recorded for wider access.

Understanding Internet Safety for Youth Living in a Digital WorldClass Link

Adolescents are growing up in a digital world where there are great risks of cyberbullying, sex trafficking, and glamorization of drug/alcohol use. Do you want to learn how to protect and support your CASA youth? Thalia Williams, Director of Prevention Programs at Southwest Behavioral & Health Services, discusses the risks of peer pressure on adolescents, the influence of online connections through social media for purchasing drugs and alcohol, how social media promotes an “ideal lifestyle” in which youth in real life are unable to achieve, and awareness of the risks of harm to the reputation of youth. CASA volunteers will also learn the risks of distracted driving, the signs of online bullying, how to understand and communicate the tactics of online predators, and the risk of human trafficking that youth could encounter. Specifically, this webinar aims to share signs to watch for if you suspect that a child may be a victim of trafficking.”