On Demand Classes related to Self Care & Health

The following classes are now available for viewing at your convenience via your Zoom account. These classes were previously offered on VOICES Training calendar and recorded for wider access.

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Getting Through, Not Over: Empowering Children Who Have Survived Trauma 

The Impact of Trauma on a Foster Youth’s Stress Response System 

How Child Adversity Impacts Individuals Across the Lifespan and Understanding Protective Factors That Can Buffer the Effects 

Preventing Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma in Child Advocacy  

The Young Child, Trauma, and Memory 

Understanding Childhood Trauma and Utilizing Trauma-Informed Care to Address It 

Understanding Trauma, Safety, and Protective Factors  


Enhancing Youth Safety During a Pandemic 

Mitigating the Impact of COVID-19 as an Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) 


Establishing Safety and Resilience in Foster Youth  

Fostering Emotional Intelligence in Children  

Suicide Prevention and Awareness for Advocates  

Supporting Youth Exposed to Domestic Violence 

Drugs and Addiction

Understanding Teen Drug Use and Addiction 

Understanding Prescription (Rx) Drug Misuse and Abuse in Teens 

Recognizing and Protecting Against Teen Drug Use  

Substance Exposure and Brain Development 

Understanding the Role of Childhood Trauma in Addiction  


Sexual Exploitation

Understanding the Grooming Strategies of Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Youth 

Human and Sex Trafficking Awareness for Advocates 

Special Needs

Supporting Youth with Autism In and Out of the Classroom  

Understanding Children’s Temperament 

Unique Needs of Children in Foster Care