On Demand Classes related to Community, Cultural and Social Life

On Demand Recorded Classes

The following classes are now available for viewing at your convenience via your Zoom account. These classes were previously offered on VOICES Training calendar and recorded for wider access.

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 – Advocating for LGBTQ+ Foster Youth 

 – Erasing the Color Lines: A Discussion about Historical Trauma, Race, and Being an African American Child in the United States  

 – Recognizing Implicit Biases and Ways to Best Support African American Foster Youth  

 – Understanding the History and Impact of Racial Discrimination on African American Children   

 – Best Practices for Reunification of Runaways 

 – Building Empathy: The Power of Connected Children in a Disconnected Age Community, Culture and Social Life 

 – Enhancing Child Advocacy Skills  

 – Human and Sex Trafficking Awareness for Advocates 

 – Awareness & Advocacy for Sexually Exploited Children  

 – Nonviolent Communication in Child Advocacy 

 – Providing Foster Youth with the Experiences They Deserve Life Skills and Community, Culture and Social Life