Supplemental Clothing – Jose’s Closet Membership

Jose's Closet

Jose’s Closet is a non-profit that offers a low cost membership ($50 per year) for a kinship or foster family – providing for all members of the family under 21. They also require volunteer time of 5 hours per calendar year at the center.

Through the membership, every member family is invited to:

  • Select free items from the food pantry monthly
  • Purchase up to two packages of diapers or pull-ups per month at a subsidized rate
  • Purchase up to two cans of infant formula per month (subject to availability) at a subsidized rate
  • Select a week’s worth of head-to-toe clothing for each child in your home (tops, bottoms, pajamas, undies, socks, shoes, etc.), eight times per year
  • Select seasonal items like swimwear or winter coats, plus accessories as needed
  • Select sports equipment as needed
  • Select or purchase baby gear as needed
  • Participate in our Holiday Gift Giveaway
  • Participate in our Back-to-School Giveaway
  • Participate in Valentine’s Day / Easter Giveaways (as items are available)

How to Join and New Member tours are outlined here.

Jose’s Closet Resource Center is at 550 South Ironwood Drive, Apache Junction, Arizona 85120