Help Teens Assess Work Styles, Interests and Work Options

Assess Work Skills and Interests - Betty Schoen (AZDES)

These websites offer ways to assess a teen’s work style, value or interests as they look ahead to employment. One or more may resonate for your CASA teen or help start the conversation.

Assess interests and explore different types of jobs:

Find your work style (Personal characteristics that can affect how well someone performs a job):

Find your work values (Global aspects of work that are important to a person’s satisfaction):

Inventory your work skills

Sites to use for matching skills to careers that use them:

How do you get exposure to work? Job shadowing can be in person or virtual and these sites can assist the conversation: has videos about different career fields is a career exploration site that is youth friendly. Foster-Parents or guardians, teachers may use it to support their youth

These websites were offered by Betty Schoen,, 602-463-9002 Feel free to contact her for additional information or support.