Emergency Needs – Care Portal


If your CASA child and placement’s needs require emergency care such as food assistance, transportation and other non-medical emergency needs, one source is the CARE Portal – a network of community and faith-based organizations who come together to provide such support. For example, a local church may be able to “adopt” your youth and placement to help temporarily with emergency needs from finding food resources, utility assistance or simply assist with temporary but urgent transportation needs. The requests often represent a gap in service that typical support agencies do not provide.

The process begins with your DCS caseworker submitting the request to the Care Portal. As a CASA you can help by providing a good, thorough description of the emergency needs and contacts to assist with the caseworkers submission.

The Care Portal itself is a technology platform that connects vulnerable children and families to people who have something to give. Social workers uncover the needs. CarePortal makes local churches aware, giving them a real-time opportunity to respond.

Agency Description: Connecting you to the child in need. In every community, there are children and families at a point of crisis, who need help. In those same communities, there are churches and people who care and want to take action. But what they need is a connection point. That is the Care Portal.