Early Outreach Program for ASU for Middle & High School Students.

Hispanic Mothers and Daughter's Program

The Hispanic Mother-Daughter Program (HMDP) is an early-outreach middle and high school program designed to increase the number of first-generation Arizona students who are qualified and prepared to enroll at Arizona State University through direct family involvement.

Counselors and teachers from partner districts encourage their seventh grade students who meet the criteria to apply to the program. Applicants selected for the program attend workshops and events throughout the students’ eighth grade and high school years. Students in the program also receive one-on- one school visits from HMDP advisors.

The Hispanic Mother-Daughter Program was originally designed to serve Hispanic mothers and their daughters. Although the program has retained this name, neither gender nor ethnicity will be a consideration as participants are chosen for the program. Students in the 7th grade and their parents/guardians are encouraged to apply to the program during the recruitment cycle.