5 – Life Skills Education and Resources for CASAs and Youth

Life Skills Education & Resources

This is the essence of the Roadmap where resources and education are organized by the specific life skill.

You will see the Teen Roadmap Life Skill categories in the wider Resource section. The other resource sections might also apply to needs for your teen as well – but are not directly relevant to the road to adulthood.

Click below to go directly to the specific Roadmap Life Skill Category.

Finance &
Money Management
Job & Career Life Skills
IdentityEducationSelf Care & Health
HousingTransportationCommunity, Culture
& Social Life

Each Life Skill Category will include the assessment and tracking tools, the agencies and resources to help and practical activities for the CASA and youth to grow these skills.

Where applicable, we will also note relevant education classes. You can browse the Training calendar or check out the On Demand recorded classes when available.

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Practical Activities for CASAs PLUS & Exercises for Youth

Practical activities or teachable moments for each Life Skill category are listed in each Life Skill category. The ideas are from two Casey independent life skill curriculum that tie directly to the identified Life Skills.

Practical Activities for CASAs and Youth

Each Life Skill Category has a Practical Activities for CASAs listing which provices brief activities or ideas for a CASA to help their CASA teen grow the skills in that category. These activities also indicate the appropriate age groups for those with young to older teens.

Independent Living Curriculum

In addition, we provide independent living curriculum exercises which provide other ways to introduce or educate teens about a specific life skill. The exercises ask practical questions about everything from grocery shopping to preparing for a job. Many have “assessment” questions for the youth to self-assess where they are at with that particular life skill. While some of the curriculum is dated the concepts still apply.

The updated Casey document is listed below in full for your use as well.

Ready, Set, Fly – practical ideas with suggested “age” levels for each activity from 8 to 10 to over 19.