On Demand Classes related to Extended Foster Care & Permanence

The following classes are now available for viewing at your convenience via your Zoom account. These classes were previously offered on VOICES Training calendar and recorded for wider access.

Find these and more on our On Demand Training Class List

 – Extended Foster Care and the Young Adult Program for Youth Aging Out of Foster Care  

 – Transitional Independent Living Program for Youth After Foster Care 

 – Permanent Placement Options Instead of Group Homes and Residential Treatment Facilities   

 – Working with Group Homes and Supporting Youth Living in Them  

 – Foster and Adoption with the Department of Child Safety (DCS)  

 – Supporting Children with Visitation  

 – Understanding the Child Dependency System  

 – Working with the Child Dependency System to Get Youth Out Of It 

 – Working with the Foster Care Review Board 

 – Providing Foster Youth with the Experiences They Deserve